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What Are The Main Elements In Conveyor Manufacturing?

The importance of conveyors appears as an undeniable fact in product transportation. We know that there are many types of conveyors, but do not forget that conveyors are manufactured according to the location and the condition of the products.

Now what are the main elements of the conveyor system? Let's examine them together and add information to our knowledge:

  • Bands carrying the product: Bands are the part that directly comes into contact with the transported product. For this reason, this part, which is the product carrier, should be made of light, moisture-proof, flexible materials. In line with the development of technology, this part has changed over the years.
  • Carrier and return rolls: Carrier rolls are the rolls that carry the material and take their place on the upper arm. These rolls, which are made with certain engineering calculations all over the world, are one of the factors to be considered in conveyor manufacturing.
  • Drums: They are the parts at both ends of the system during the conveyor manufacturing. There are powertrains between these two parts.
  • Drive order: It is the part that allows the determination of the progress of the products. This part that requires engineering knowledge should definitely be worked with experts.
  • Tension mechanism: It is the system that adjusts the tension ratio of the belt on which the products are walked. The tensioning mechanism varies according to the product weights.
  • Chassis: It is the main part that carries the rollers, powertrain, assembly and drums. In the conveyor system, the whole system is installed on the chassis. The most important feature to be aware of when manufacturing conveyors is that the materials should be made of the lightest materials.

We have seen what are the main parts in the conveyor system. The important thing in conveyor manufacturing is to carry out a system that does not compromise on quality by making accurate calculations with expert staff. In addition to being a solution partner with many brands in the sector in the field of conveyors, we also enjoy producing many smart solutions. In addition to our design and engineering departments, we are always working to increase efficiency alongside our customers with our conveyor manufacturing and customer service and support departments.

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