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Any warehousing solution is only as good as its customising to suit the particular specification. You can depend on DAMBACH to design solutions tailored exactly to your requirements no matter what tasks you have to handle in your warehouse.

ROLKON Conveyor and Automation Systems: Conveyor and Automation Systems Products and Technology


Answers The Most Effective Products and Solutions for Your Challenges! 


It offers products designed with advanced product developers and the best way to overcome these focused challenges to help customers overcome the leaders who have lived in the manufacturing field. It develops, manufactures and implements the best possible automated systemic and technological tools to deliver the ideal adapted table design and size for your needs.

ROLKON, you can organize your products efficiently for storage and transportation.


Continuous Lifts

Pallet Lift

Product Lift

AGV Applications

Storage Shuttle Applications

Compact Shuttle

Roller Conveyor

PVC Belt Conveyor

Modular Belt Conveyor

Chain Conveyor

Skid Conveyors

Tilt Tray Sorter

Cross Belt Sorter

Switch Sorter

Ball Roller Sorter

Special Project Applications

Acordion Conveyor


Ideal Systems for Continuous Material Flow

Transfer Unit

Conveyor Feeder Solutions with Safe Transport and Transfer